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The premium education platform for learning, with a roster full of the world's best instructors spanning all categories. Alex has done a ton of work both on the growth and consumer side for multiple MasterClass products and innovation projects.

  • Product design across web, iOS, Android
  • Worked on various teams: Growth/Go to Market, Innovation, Sessions, Design Systems


In 2023, Alex contributed to increasing our North Star metric LTV per visitor 39%, CVR 41%, and increasing new sales a remarkable 14% through a series of strategic design optimizations.

Design ownership on everything shown below.

Quantity + Quality

With 12+ years experience, Alex can rapidly produce tons of variations for a given UI/UX task. In this example, the team was planning to pluck 1 question from the user onboarding to inject it into the homepage hero. The sheer quantity of options gave the team more than enough to make a calculated decision on the fly.

⚡️Our winning design here boosted CVR 10%, our North Star metric LTV/visitor 11.7%, and increased new sales 4.6%.


The design team thrives by conducting user tests to validate designs as early as possible in our work streams. Allowing our test users to interact with a design or flow is infinitely more immersive, even in a low fidelity state, than serving them static mockups.

⚡️Our winning navigation design boosted CVR 9.6%, our North Star metric LTV/visitor 11.6%, and increased new sales 4.3%.

Translating User Research into Conversion

To validate our new design, we tested low fidelity prototypes with users and had them stack rank parts of the page by importance. This helped us place higher resonating content towards the top of the page.

⚡️Our winning design boosted checkout conversion 10%, and raised our North Star metric LTV/visitor 7%.

Persistent Experimentation

Being diligent about learning from our failures empowered us to iterate rapidly and find a winning design after multiple rounds of testing our checkout flow.

⚡️Our winning checkout flow boosted CVR 11.8%, our North Star metric LTV/visitor 12.3%, and increased new sales by millions.

Leveraging AI

Integrating AI into your workflow can do wonders for hitting the ground running. Alex used ChatGPT to rapidly generate the contents and outline for a new how-to page template. Going from zero to a solid low fidelity mockup was expedited and was well received over the typical latin placeholder text.


One of the perks of switching pods a few times a year is that it really exposes you to more parts of the platform and ecosystem. All new features start out as experiments, both in user testing and in live a/b testing environments, and the features either win and get productionized or lose and we glean valuable insights.

Holistic Design

It's easy to get caught up in smaller section-based experiments, but Alex ensures designs are developed with a holistic goal in mind rather than in a silo. It's easier to establish a design backlog when more of the surface area is designed for than only focusing on the current objective.

Innovation Labs

Creating brand new product offerings requires high fidelity prototypes to validate demand. These were some of the visually divergent and playful visual languages Alex came up with for two of our initiatives: MC Kids and Accelerator.

A System for Cover Art

Alex's first project at MasterClass was to develop and explore what a thumbnail art system could be. With the content library containing 5 different media types (class, lesson, session, playlist, and article) and steadily growing, it was important to try and find a visual taxonmy that was more user-intuitive to reduce the reliance on meta info in our cards.