Systems Hub

Systems Hub

Affiliate Marketing 101

Systems Hub is a suite of 8 web applications that handle an incredible amount of the heavy lifting at As lead designer Alex was in charge of bringing business logic, information architecture, and pixel-perfect visuals to the table in collaboration with the stakeholders and development team. This project gave Alex valuble experience designing for data-heavy systems.

  • Sketching, wireframes
  • Protoyping, mockups
  • User flows, business logic
  • Information architecture
  • UI/UX design



The team had a fragmented, unorganized workflow between departments causing problems with communications, document sharing, and record keeping.


A suite of intereconnected web applications tailored to each department's specific needs, with a central database.

Alex's Contributions
  • Determining Business Logic
  • Wireframes, User Flows
  • Pixel-perfect UI Design
  • Interaction Design

Working Closely With…
  • Product Manager
  • Front-end Developer
  • Back-end Development Team
  • Systems Hub Users
ARM wireframe and production view


Web Applications


Production-Ready Artboards


Design Language


systems hub splash screen, logos for eight web apps

Advertiser Relationship Management (ARM)

100+ Production-ready Artboards
ARM collage of artboards

Advertiser Order Management (AOM)

58+ Production-ready Artboards
AOM collage of artboards

Business Performance Reports (BPR)

10+ Production-ready Artboards

BPR merchant performance report

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

10+ Production-ready Artboards
SEM evaluations profile

Web Publishing Management (WPM)

83+ Production-ready Artboards
WPM collage of artboards

Content Management System (CMS)

92+ Production-ready Artboards
CMS collage of artboards

Advertiser Settings Management (ASM)

35+ Production-ready Artboards
ASM collage of artboards

Email Marketing Management (EMM)

10+ Production-ready Artboards
two EMM screens