An iOS affiliate marketing app

My clients reached out to me with nothing but a handful of doodles conveying the basics of their app prospect. Requirements were slim; they desired a minimalist, modern look and feel.

  • Sketching, wireframes
  • UI/UX Design

Left: Form-heavy arrival screens can sometimes leave an overwhelming first impression. I wanted to relax Vouch's experience a bit, emphasize branding, and provide a more playful way for users to dive into the app.

This onboarding method enables Vouch to gather helpful information about the user's tastes right off the bat, in a simple and frictionless way. Merchant data will let Vouch curate offers based on the users' selections.

Middle:Scaling the previous screen into the background gives a sense of depth without having to use shadows - a fun effect that shows we thought about the small details.

I wanted to go beyond Apple's default search bar and make it larger and more prominent. Tabs are revealed once in focus to toggle brand types.

One pet peve of mine in regards to mobile app search pages is when it's a barren wasteland — an entire screen with only a search bar at the top. I love to put myself into the user's shoes when I'm designing and think of all the pre-canned options I can put there to make things easier. Retail categories, featured brands (potentially paid placements), and popular brands made sense for Vouch.

Vouch monetizes itself by collecting commission on purchases and sending users to retail websites. This presented a unique challenge for me – make an intuitive interface for users to switch their action on any given merchant. For example, the Share tab allows you to grab an affiliate link, with the option of including a top coupon, and share it amongst your friends and followers. Tapping the Buy tab allows you to use a coupon yourself. I'm confident my designs make this complicated interaction a bit more seamless and intuitive.

I really enjoy designing with data – always a creative endeavour presenting it to the end user in a way that makes perfect sense.

Even generic screens should be designed thoughtfully and with care. I always include empty data states in my deliverables.