Promotional Codes

Promotional Codes

A money-saving coupon app (now is a coupon platform that hosts 10,000+ retailers and thousands of coupons, helping its userbase save money every day. I worked directly with the CTO and an iOS developr to bring this application to life.

  • Sketching, wireframes
  • UI/UX Design

I thought Apple's browser Safari handled tabs well, so I brought that experience over to this project to flip through featured offers in a fast and familiar way.

With mobile phone screens getting bigger, I felt it necessary to load the action menu from the bottom, sliding upward on focus. This required less stretching of your hand to reach all of the menu items.

Location based services was a new thing for my company, but I insisted the user experience would be greatly enhanced if people could use the app at physical locations near them.

Left: The merchant pages, in this case Macy's, are the bread and butter of the app. This is where the majority of coupons are activated, so it was imperative to make the experience incredibly easy to use. Offers are collapsed on default for glance-ability, and categorized with color-coded icons – staff picks, exclusives, regular coupons etc.

Middle and right: After tapping an offer, you're taken to a full page view containing all the details. Swiping upward *snaps* the comments section at the top and displays a simple form to post your message.

Category pages require a modified layout flexible enough to contain dozens of merchants. I decided it'd be best to bundle all offers of the same merchant together under one logo to keep things clean and organized.