More Than a Coupon Platform

As lead designer at, Alex developed a strong brand identity and created a design language that's both visually compelling and flexible to use across departments. The website, which garners 50,000+ uniques daily, is just one of the many projects Alex has speerheaded design for within the firm. Visit Promocodes

  • Sketching, wireframes
  • Protoyping, mockups
  • UI/UX design
promocodes index page

Hero Images vs. Carousels

Alex and his team found that image carousels are visually attractive but hiding prominent, above-the-fold content in them was hindering clickthrough rates. The solution was to place hero assets at the top of the page, all at once, with equal visibility.

Grid Layout vs. Container Stack

Many promotional websites showcase their content in a vertical stack – for example, one offer per row. Alex designed to utilize a grid system. Not only did this produce a modern look and feel for the website experience, it gave the content a sense of visual equality. When coupons are in a vertical stack, artificial ranking can be an unwanted side effect giving users less incentive to click anything beyond the elements at the top. The team's heatmap data supported this finding, and inclined Alex to take more unconventional steps in displaying content. The grid is highly flexible and adapts to most viewports very well.

mobile layouts for home, merchant, and category page

Utilizing Side Scroll on Mobile

Compressing the UI in a thoughtful way was the primary goal for making this website project responsive. To reduce the amount of vertical scrolling, Alex designed the thumbnail navigation elements to scroll horizontally – a familiar interaction for visitors on mobile devices.

A Few Quick Glances

The following images show a glimse of the design work Alex has produced for

category page for women's fashion ultimate coupon guide page layout ultimate coupon guide section nav buttons ultimate coupon guide navigation panel overlay promocodes blog technology category page layout promocodes scholarship page layout promocodes credit card landing page

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