Be creative. Together.

Across mobile and desktop web, iOS, and Android, Alex solves a myriad of problems visually, big and small. He works closely within the Product team to design and prototype new layouts and features, and is working closesly with developers to produce and broaden the internal design system named Alpine. Visit HITRECORD

  • Style guide
  • Iconography
  • Component library
  • High-fidelity mobile/desktop UI design
  • Prototypes

Race Against Time

When Alex joined HITRECORD, he was tasked with establishing a new design system; a fresh new style guide, component library, and to help establish the visual design principles for the product team to utilize moving forward. At the same time, he would work closely with the Head of Product and Director of UX and others to redesign the desktop and mobile web experience to be cleaner, more user- and mobile-friendly. Having both initiatives simultaneously led to him to develop the building blocks of a design system very quickly. Every element of the designs had to be thoughtful and aligned with the notion of repeatabilty in a system context.